Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Busy Un-Valentine's Day

Today has been really tiring. We've been out and about all day. At 10 o'clock this morning we went into the mortgage centre to show off Fifi to all of Scott's workmates. I have to admit, I had a hard time letting fifty thousand people I've never met before handle my daughter but I made it through. We were there for an hour. We were then supposed to meet Scott's mum and some of her mates for lunch at 12, so we went home, fed and changed Fifi and headed back in to eat lunch. Again, I had to pass her around but at least it was on a lesser scale. After lunch, we came home again, and Fifi and I napped. Then, after feeding and changing her again, we went back into town to buy groceries. Let me tell you, I'm exhausted.

Today is Valentine's Day. Valentine's is one of my absolute favourite holidays. I look forward to Valentine's every year. Scott and I take turns each year planning this day, but this year, of course, the plans were superceded by, you know, having a baby. Scott planned to make us a romantic dinner and watch a romantic film, but all day we've been grouchy. It just hasn't felt Valentinesy at all. I haven't even signed the card I bought him!

So we decided to put Valentine's off until tomorrow. This makes me very happy. We're going to have a boring casserole for dinner tonight and start over tomorrow. We're going to take Fifi to Cornalees where Scott and I first held hands and maybe have a picnic or something. Then Scott'll make our romantic dinner, and we'll rent a lovey-dovey film. And I'll sign his card.

I love my family. That's my Valentine's love message for today. :)

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