Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby Talk

Getting burped
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Last night was a significantly better night than the night before. The night before, Fifi kept us up ALL NIGHT crying and wanting to be fed. My boobs wanted to cry right along with her. Scott took her downstairs for an hour so I could get a quick nap (a nap! a nighttime!). We were a little exhausted. Last night was the complete opposite; I fed her and put us both down for 10pm, and she only woke up a few times for a change and a feed.

Yesterday we took our first outing out of the house. I was seriously feeling the cabin fever so my midwife said I could go out for a very short outing, as long as I didn't walk around much and took it easy. I needed a couple things in the shops so out we went. Scott put Fifi in the sling, and oh my goodness, you would not believe the amount of attention we got from everyone, women and old folks especially. (Or do all people with babies get bombarded by everyone who passes them?) I can't say we didn't love it. We were only out for maybe an hour, but I realised it really was too much for me. I keep forgetting I've had major abdominal surgery... Anyway, it was good to get out and now I'm happy to stay in the house the rest of the week.

I'm going to start on my thank you cards. I'm going to try to blog her birth story soon.

I can't concentrate any longer on trying to write anything here. Sorry. I don't even know what I've just written. My brain is, well, mushy.

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