Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meeting Mamaw and Other Various Boring Things To Make a Full Post Out Of

My mom arrived safely yesterday, so Fifi has finally met her mamaw. Hopefully she'll meet her papaw soon (May is the plan).

Mamaw and Fifi

It's really nice having my mom here. Fifi is getting spoiled rotten between the three of us all wanting to hold her all the time.

My mom also came bearing many gifts. Her Aunty Kristen and Uncle Danny bought her a Cuddle-U, which she loves. (Aunty K and Uncle D also bought Mummy Season One of Felicity, which Mummy loves!)

Fifi in her Cuddle-U

Today we're off to start her savings account and get my mom's money changed at the bank, and we also might do a bit of shopping. Not that I need to be spending any money right now... what with having to buy a new washing machine and all.

Tomorrow we're going to IKEA. I can't wait!

Scott and I have registered for a free trial period of's DVD rental service. Our first DVD, Dirty Pretty Things arrived today. It's not a film I think my mom will particularly like, but we'll have to watch it soon anyway to get full use out of our free trial period. We watched I Heart Huckabees last night, and that also wasn't really Mom's cup of tea.

Fifi is doing really well. She sleeps pretty well at night, on most nights, only waking up two or three times for a feeding. She's a marvellous baby. We are incredibly blessed. I love her so much, more and more every time I look at her. And yeah, she has the best wardrobe EVER. (Gotta take pictures of some of her best stuff!)

I'm giving up ice cream for Lent. Ouch.

The End.

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