Friday, February 16, 2007

Substitute Valentine's

Well our substitute Valentine's Day was nice, though it still didn't go as planned. I suppose that kinda goes along with a) having a baby and b) living in the rain. Fifi kept me up all night wanting to nurse and continued her desperate need for Boobie throughout the entire morning. Our cute picnic plan had to be deserted due to the lovely Scottish weather, and we never made it out of the house to rent a romantic film. Scott made us dinner - steak and potatoes - and we drank Schloer. No wine for me and my mastitis antibiotics self. Then we watched The Game. Hardly your romantic comedy, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Then we went to bed. I forgot to give him his card. He forgot to give me the flowers he was intending to get. It was still a really nice day though, spent with the two greatest people on the planet. I'd still call it a success.

On a different subject, let's play a game.
Family Fortunes

Top 5 Things That Would Suck Should They Stop Working When You Have A Newborn:

Any guesses?

The number one answer according to our studio audience (of myself alone) is -
The Washing Machine!

Yes, folks, our washing machine is on the fritz. We discovered this yesterday when I pulled a soggy load out of it. I threw the clothes through an extra spin cycle to no avail. Hoping it was just a fluke (because I'm way too optimistic), I went ahead and put in another load, after wringing the previous load out and hanging them on the clothes horse. That second load? Ended in a massive pool of dirty water. Scott spent quite a bit of time trying to pull the items out without flooding the kitchen.

Remember all that talk about cloth nappies and what not that I was so excited about? Yeah, we still haven't gotten a chance to use them yet. We decided to just use disposables in the hospital because they were free, then after a couple of days at home using cloth, we discovered it was really irritating Fifi's cord so we decided to use disposables until the cord fell off. The cord fell off right after we'd bought an entire bag of nappies so we decided to use them up and then start the cloth again. And then our washing machine broke down. Disposables again.

In a way, I'm not too bothered. I love the cloth nappies, but both of us kinda don't like them so much for newborns. They are just so bulky on a tiny baby. I've seen cloth on a slightly older baby (one month), and they aren't nearly so cumbersome once the baby has grown a bit. But right now? They are really just too big. Even the tie-ons are too big for her tiny bum. So it's kinda okay for now. But soon and very soon, her adorable baby bum will be swathed in terry cloth bliss. But not until we figure out what we're going to do about the washing machine.

And we gotta figure that out pronto, because among the three of us, we make some serious laundry.

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