Friday, February 02, 2007

Home With Fifi

Hello all!

I'm back home, and a lot earlier than expected too! One thing about hospitals (so it seems) is you get a different response to the same issue every shift change. For instance, the doctor yesterday told me I could expect to go home Saturday or Sunday; the staff midwife this morning told me I could go home today. Since she was the one on duty, I went with her advice!

Same with why Fifi was born two days early; all the surgeons and obstetricians were gonna make me wait until Friday (more details later, I promise), then one doctor on Wednesday morning told me not to eat my breakfast and to call my partner - they'd get me in that morning.

Quickly, since you'll be wondering why Wednesday instead of Friday, Monday night, after trying to tick off 'spend quality time with my husband' from the To Do list, I started feeling abdominal pains at the cinema. When they didn't go away, Scott insisted we head to hospital, just in case. Seeing as the hospital is two minutes from the cinema, I didn't argue. They kept me overnight for observation, but the pains went away and all seemed fine so they sent me home Tuesday morning. Scott and I came home, I got in the bath, and then suddenly I started bleeding. LOTS. So, an hour and a half after being discharged, I was admitted back into the hospital. Then started the waiting. After two more heavy bleeds on Tuesday, the Lovely Doctor on Wednesday agreed to stop all the Mean Doctors' 'Wait And See'-ing and slotted me in for that morning. Thus Fifi was brought into the world. I'm so glad we were given these two extra days of life to spend with her!

I'll give the whole story later, but for now, I have a baby I want to play with. She's an expert feeder and likes to nurse pretty much all day long. She gets quite cross when I make her stop because my nipples need a breather. Other than the crossness, she is the most contented, quiet and perfect baby in the universe. Yes, she's better than yours. ;)

(But I can't expect YOU to see that!)

Thanks for all the lovely comments. I'm gonna go join the family cuddle now.

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