Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Four Weeks Old

I'm allowed to drive. I phoned the insurance company, and they don't have any restrictions on driving after having a baby, so this morning I drove for the first time. I even left Fifi with Scott and my mom for twenty minutes. I went to Morrison's to pick up flowers and a card for my midwife as today was our last appointment together and also her birthday (happy birthday, Allison!). It was liberating, if not a bit terrifying, to be away from her. I couldn't have managed any longer than that twenty minutes, though, as I worried that she would get hungry the whole time I was out.

Which brings me to the point that I am now ready to attempt feeding her with expressed breastmilk in a bottle - ON OCCASION. I love our time together feeding, and I don't want to give that up at all. I want her to maintain a preference for the breast, so I won't be offering her a bottle very often at all. But I'm also concerned that if I don't introduce a bottle soon, it'll be too dificult to get her onto one later. Maybe that's not a big deal, as I don't see any problem with moving her from the breast straight to solids whenever that time may come, but a bottle will make it easier for me to leave her for an hour without worrying the whole time. So anyway, I'm going to start it tomorrow, I think, after her morning feed, expressing.

I'm also a bit worried that she may have a bit of a cold. She's too young for a cold! She's been sneezing a lot, and they've been a bit snotty. No! This makes my heart break into a million pieces. Girlfriend is only four weeks old.

Today! Four weeks old today! She's beautiful and looks cute now in her cloth nappies.

She's crying now so I'm gonna go cuddle her. Grandma has her right now, but my heart is upset and her nose is sounding way too congested and I might need to rush her to the A&E.....

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