Sunday, March 04, 2007

All About Baby

I know how boring it must be for people who have been reading a blog for a while to have that blog suddenly become nothing more than a babyblog. I apologise. But there is such a good reason for this - mommy brain takes over the whole world. My replacement at work while I'm on maternity leave phoned to ask me some questions, and I couldn't remember people's names, what software I used, the world for 'timeline', anything. It was the most stressful conversation I've had in weeks.

So anyway, here I am again with some more baby talk.

Fifi took to a bottle no sweat. Scott was certain she'd have no problem, but I'd heard too many stories about babies not taking to a bottle, so I was worried. But the moment that teat touched her lips, she was devouring her milk. So I don't think we'll have any problems if we want the occasional night out. Which we're going to try to do at some point this week while Mom - I mean, Grandma -'s still here. (It seems 'Grandma' might stick better than 'Mamaw', I'm sorry to say. Though 'Papaw' will probably stick over 'Grandpa' for my dad.)

I can't believe how big she is getting. She's actually outgrowing several of her dresses (her big cloth nappy bottom shows under the hem), and she's nearly too long for her sleepsuits. This is not fair! She's too new! And her clothes are too cute!

With one week of my mom being here left, I've been trying to come up with ideas for how Fifi and I will entertain ourselves on our own. Besides daily naps (yes!), I'm thinking we could go to the GFT for their parent and baby screenings (for parents/carers with babies under 15 months only!), the Waterfront for swimming (I've been trying to get her used to the water in baths) and trips to parks and bays. But what I'm most excited about is taking her to TinyTalk classes when she's a few months older! They have classes in Glasgow on Mondays and Thursdays. I can't wait! (Yes I can. I don't like using the phrase 'I can't wait' anymore, because it sounds like I'm wishing away the time. I can wait. I just love Fifi being the age she is, and I'm so afraid it's going to go by too fast!)

We are now just on our way out to Scott's parents' house for dinner. Mom made a low fat chocolate cake. It's been great having Mom here; we've been so domestic! The house has been cleaned and organised, and we've been cooking and baking up a storm in the kitchen. I imagine Scott's enjoying this just as much as I am. (We especially like the third hand in the nappy-changing rotation.)

Fifi is crying. Though Mom is taking care of her, I should probably go check on her. She makes my heart bleed (and my boobs leak) every time she cries. :(

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