Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fussy Baby

We're super duper (yes, I said duper, and I'm not taking it back) lucky that Fifi is such a good contented baby. We are so aware of this, so don't take this as me looking for sympathy. It's just that having an easy baby makes the bad days really hard to deal with. Again, not looking for sympathy. She woke up last night at 2.45 and literally nursed from then until 6am. I mean, no breaks. And it wasn't the sweet, angelic nursing, but squirmy, kicky, latch-and-relatch nursing. I made her finish at 6, but by 6.30 she was fussing again.

She then proceeded to cry ALL DAY. Nothing seemed to calm her. She also managed to fill every nappy I put on her within ten minutes.

She had a check-up today at the doctor's. She cried through the whole thing. Also, by the time I got there, she'd used all her nappies, except the emergency one, and all the wipes. I had to change her during her check-up and had to humbly ask if they had any wipes, higlighting my crappy mothering skills. They did not, so they had to run some warm water for me and find some cotton balls. Then, she immediately pooed again. And not the it-can-wait-til-we-get-home kind but the threatening-to-leak-out-the-sides kind. Gah. The clinic didn't have any nappies so I had to design a make-shift nappy with a geriatric incontinence pad and a muslin square. And of course, a cup of water and the last of my cotton.

We came home, my darling screaming all the way, and I ran us a bath. Then I crawled into bed with her and nursed her to sleep. Oh blissful sleep!

She let me sleep until 5 in the afternoon, when of course, she recommenced her screaming down the house.

I'm cracking up.

But again, not looking for sympathy...

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