Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mummy Support

I went to my first 'group' today. Another mummy that I've gotten to know over the past few months wanted to go visit her old pals at the breastfeeding group that meets every Tuesday, so I tagged along with her. There were only two other mums there, so I didn't make any new best friends or anything, but it was a good start. They told me about several mother and toddler groups and also about a baby massage class at the hospital which takes place right after the postpartum 'shape up' class. I think I will go to the baby massage/shape up ones. I then invited my new friend (her name is Sharon) and her baby to join me for TinyTalk and the parent/baby screenings at the cinema.

I feel so... chick lit.

And I say chick lit because my mother-in-law (I might as well go all out and call her my MIL... gag) bought me a few small Mother's Day presents and one was a book called The Baby Group. As I've said many times, chick lit isn't my thing, but there was one other time in my life when I could tolerate it, and that was before I got married, and I read a book called Otherwise Engaged and kinda enjoyed it, despite all its shallowness, so I gave this book a try too. And, guiltily, I've enjoyed it. Only because I'm a new mother, of course, but yeah, okay, I'll admit it, I can't put the silly thing down. I mean, whatever WILL happen with Natalie and Jack??

Shut up. At least I'm not watching soaps.

I'm reading pulp and going to mother support groups. I'm sophisticated.

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