Saturday, March 10, 2007

Our Camera is Deid

Yesterday our camera finally bit the bullet. This really sucks because Fifi is smiling ALL the time now, and we won't be able to photograph it. We have our digital video camera, which we need to start using more, but I haven't worked out how to do still shots on it yet, not to mention it's way too fancy to just carry around with me everywhere. Nuts.

My mom left this morning. I miss her already. It was so good to have her here; I just wish my dad could've come too. That would've made it perfect.

We are planning on flying out to the States in May to introduce Fi to the rest of the family. That sounds like a long time, but it's actually only a month and a half... which also means I start working again in two and a half months. Arg.

It also means my birthday is only a few weeks away. Usually I'm planning my birthday extravaganza three months ahead, but it really just occurred to me yesterday that it's now right around the corner. This must be what having children does to you - it puts the rest of your life in a blindspot.

Fifi is sleeping, kinda, in her sling in my lap right now. It's a new thing I'm trying. I need to do some housework now that Mom's gone and Scott's at work (on a Saturday, poor fella), but I can't when Fifi is wailing, so I'm carrying her around the house in her sling so I can get some things done. It seems to be working. I'm also practicing feeding her in the sling, which isn't easy, but it's very helpful when you're in the shops or somewhere public, and she suddenly gets hungry. Rather than her scream the house down, if I can manage to get her in the right position in her sling, I can feed her right then and there, wherever I am, and continue on with my business. It may sound to some of you let-em-cry-it-out folks that I'm letting my kid be the boss and that I don't need to let her call all the shots, but dudes - she's an infant. All she knows is comfort and discomfort; she's not trying to snatch the credit card. Anyway, I like being able to comfort her when she's upset, and I like when she's not crying, so really, everybody wins.

.....Did I just get all defensive for no reason there? Sorry.

Anyway, as aforementioned, I have some housework to do, and the kiddo is actually sleeping enough for me to do it (unless she wakes when I stand up, which is likely), so I better get on it. And maybe take a midmorning nap. Ahhh.

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