Friday, April 30, 2004

Bad News

Well, I'm at work and none of my friends are online, and Scott is at his gran's, and Amanda isn't answering the phone at home, so I have no one to share my bad news with except you folks.

As you can see below, Scott and I have moved forward the wedding date. This is great, of course! But that meant changing the reservations for all the places we already have reserved. I haven't gotten ahold of the Events Coordinator at Ella's Restaurant yet to see if the date can be changed there, but I did get to talk to the owner of the Dickson Theater where the reception was to be held. It just so happens that September the 18th is also the wedding date of my friends Anna and Don. They are having their reception at the Dickson Theater on that day.

Not only does this mean we no longer have a free venue for the reception, but half of my friends are going to have to decide between weddings.

Sure, it would be easy for me to say, "Well, Scott-darling, let's just make the wedding the next weekend, or the weekend before." But this is not possible. Because, you see, September is part of football season. And if you've ever lived in a college town, you understand that game days are TERRIBLE days for trying to get out of your house. Unless you're going to the game, you are insane for trying to do anything on a game day. And unfortunately, every weekend of September, except the 18th, is a game weekend. Which means we either move to wedding to October (which I absolutely do not want to do) or move it to August (which is way too close and therefore something I do not want to do.)

Anyway, this is just a little bit of bad news. Let's hope nothing else bad happens. (Lord, I'm praying that you please keep Ella's open for that weekend so we don't have to change those plans either.)

Please give me your sympathy. This just sucks.


PS. Anyone wanna host our reception somewhere for free?

Ella's is ours. Whew.

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