Sunday, May 02, 2004

This is a good story. I went to see onelinedrawing tonight (Jonah was supporting some bigger bands, along with Ian from Rival Schools on guitar).

Me and my brother were driving up after I finished work. This caused us to be a little late, so we joined the line somewhere near the end. We missed Jonah playing. We were not impressed.

However, it turns out he only played a 15-20 minute set, since he was getting booed by Funeral For A Friend's ignorant fanbase. Which is funny, since FFAF idolise the guy.

As he always does, he was selling his own merchandise without a stall, just out of a cardboard box (this guy is so indie it hurts). Me and my bro, along with a few friends went to talk to him. My friend is a regular on his boards, so kinda knows him.

Well, we told him our sob story. He let us into a little secret. He was going to do an acoustic set in the bar when the headliners were on, before scurrying off to do a song with them (a far cover, The System). Well, we got in there and a security guard (a big, big, big angry man) told him off and wouldn't let him do it.

It was ok for him to stand around and talk to us, but not sing us a song. Confusing.

Anyway, we suggested we go outside. The guard couldn't do anything about that, but he was far from impressed and told us we wouldn't get back in if we went out (load of crap, but no one wanted back in). So we all trooped out. There were maybe 15 of us. We were excited. This was cool.

On our way out, we realised that Jonah wouldn't be able to get back in on time to sing with FFAF. This would have won him a fair few fashionable fans. He didn't even mention it, he just walked out with us and sang 6 or 7 songs outside in the cold, round the side of the building sheltering behind a big truck.

It was hugely cool. Most of us knew the songs, so it turned into a bit of a singalong. Jonah got a bit emo and emotional, talked about God a bit, said that Bush and Blair were a pair of monkeys and generally chatted.

It ruled. We loved it. He's a nice guy, too. Yay.

I just copied and pasted this from my CGR post, sorry if you have to read it twice.

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