Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I'm thinking about running away.

I have never run away before, but the idea has always been appealing to me. I think now that I'm 22 and still single, this is the perfect time to run away. I mean I have a car, money, and many places to go. I may possibly be the first kid to run away to her parents house, though.

I'll never get another opportunity to run away anyway. I'll be married soon and then I can't run away because that's called desertion. Besides, I don't want to run away from my hubby.

But I do want to run away from my current life. I want to run away from work, from summer classes, from my apartment, from town. I want to run away from financial obligations and people and just go home and be a kid one more time before it's no longer allowed.

This weekend will be a good time to run away. My summer classes don't start until Monday.

NUTS! I can't run away this weekend! I have an appointment with my bridesmaids and flower girl to try-on dresses. I HATE adulthood!!


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