Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Ultimate Wedding Blooper

I had a funny funny dream last night.

It was our wedding day. We were having the wedding at my grandmother's house. The wedding was scheduled for 2; at 2:30 the only people there were me, Scott, and my parents. Then comes in Devon, one of my bridesmaids. My feelings were so hurt that no one had decided to come to our wedding. Not even Amanda, my maid of honor! So we went ahead and did the ceremony with no one there to witness it.

After the honeymoon (which was not included in the dream) I came back and went to Amanda's house. I angrily stomped in and yelled at her for not coming to my wedding. "That was the most important day of my life and you didn't even come!" As it turns out, she had slept through it. This was no excuse to me and I continued to yell at her. While I was yelling, thoughts were running through my head as to why no one came. I wondered if my directions had been bad. As I yelled I tried to remember what I had put on the invitations. Then slowly, oh so slowly, I realized.... "Oh. No." I said. "Oh, no! The wedding was supposed to be at the church!" Suddenly absolute panic surged through my body as I pictured a church full of 200 guests wondering where the bride and groom were and when the ceremony was going to start. What a disaster!

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