Monday, April 26, 2004

Things I Love About Getting Married
1. People talk to me about sex.
2. A certain freedom I feel to wear a bathing suit, as boys are no longer a consideration.
3. Looking at my calendar and writing in things like "Rehearsal Dinner" and "Get wax this week".
4. Making elaborate plans and leaving the money issues to my parents.
5. Wearing a ring.
6. Married people actually talk to me now.

Things I Don't Love About Getting Married
1. Girls asking me, "How will I know when he's the One?"
2. Having to tell people the same boring details everyone asks about. (when, where, how we met, colors)
3. People assuming we will have bagpipes and a cealidh because Scott is Scottish.
4. Dieting.
5. Those faces married people make to each other when I say something naive about marriage.

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