Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Warning: Potentially Boring Post to Most

If you're not interested in cessationism/speaking in tongues/etc. this post will bore you.

If you are curious, read on.

I found this today while perusing the Christian Guitar theology forum. I think I agree with this guy/this post regarding the issue of cessationism (which to my understanding is the belief that spiritual gifts such as tongues and prophecy have ceased). I've had this discussion a few times with a few friends and basically none of us really have much of a clue what is true. This guy doesn't either, but he sure articulates his confusion in a better way than I could. If you're interested, go there and read. It's not too long. Only about four posts on the thread.

I am convicted by my own witness and practice to believe a theory of mine called dynamic cessationism.

This is basically that while the church is built and mature here, it is not in other places. So where maturity reigns miraculous supernatural assistance fades because it is not needed as such, but for ministers of the gospel all hinderances to the gospel (illness/disabilities, language barriers, etc) God will overcome and miraculously so if needed....

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