Wednesday, April 28, 2004

This has been a crappy, crappy week.

I've cried so much I get a headache just thinking about crying.
Me and Scott had a miserable phone conversation this afternoon. Lots of crying on my end, very little talking from both ends. So as I got in bed a little while ago, I decided to call him. But my call wouldn't go through! I called the operator and she told me I had a block on my phone, so that I couldn't call the UK. She didn't know what the problem was and neither did I. Before I tried calling him, it wasn't that big a deal. But after discovering I couldn't call him, I burst into tears again. This is getting to be so unfair!

I have a test tomorrow morning. It's a make-up test. Technically, I don't have to take it since the teacher drops the lowest test score. I'm a A kinda person, but tonight I decided to settle on a B. If I take the test and make an A, I'll have an A for the class. But if I take the test and get a B or if I don't take the test at all, I'll get a B. I've decided on the B.

I feel horrid. I have a little poetry reading thing tomorrow afternoon at the Middle School. I was pretty excited about it, but now I'm not. No one is coming with me, and I haven't prepared anything, and I'm too tired and too stressed and too upset to think about it. I guess I'll just have to prepare at work tomorrow.

Work. That's another thing that sucks. But more on that later.

Thank God tomorrow is the last day of school. After tomorrow I have two papers and a test, and I will be finished. Until summer school starts, that is. But I'm looking forward to summer school a little bit. I'm taking Math and Biology. Two classes that don't require papers. That side of my brain hasn't been worked in a while. Maybe my headache will move to the other side now.

I want to be married.

I miss you, Scott!


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