Thursday, July 24, 2003

Did anyone go see Denison Whitmer last night? (To you, in America, right now, it just ended. To me, it was last night. Weird, isn't it?) Tell me how the show went.

And go see Eleni Mandell at JRs on August 9. I'll be back in time to see her! Hurray!

Well, its nearing the end of my Wales trip. Today I am going to the Teen Challenge rehab with a couple of girls for their interviews. Then I'm being dropped off at Mari's for two nights and then early early in the morning I will be in Scotland. Wow, I had this dream last night that I was on the plane going to Scotland and the plane was set up more like a bus and the Captain was making jokes and stuff and the person in the co-pilot seat was just a passenger and he made a joke that the Captain didn't like so the captain rolled down the passengers window and he blew out! Then I was sitting next to the exit door, on the other side, and someone opened it and people started flying out. I crawled over the seat in front of me to get away and I found Tommy Atkinson and Bev Blann. But they both flew out too. And finally someone shut the door. When we landed, I was questioned and we realized it was Bev who opened the door with intent to kill people. (Even though she'd flown out too...) But suddenly there she was alive, with no excuse. (In my mind I was thinking she'd flown out of the plane but I just let the dream go on. I usually know that I'm dreaming in my dreams so I just let them go with it.)

Oh I also dreamed that Justin Keogh gave me a gun at school that was mine and I was still in Wales and I suddenly remembered that guns are illegal over here and I couldn't take it back with me on the plane either. So I didn't know what to do with it. I didn't want to bury it in the yard or anything in case I incriminated this family, I didn't want to throw it in a dumpster because what if they burn all that trash and there were bullets in the gun and the gun started exploding out bullets and killed people? The situation sucked.

Sorry didn't mean for this to be a dream post. I'm going to go pack my stuff. Pray that my bags this time around will be under 20kg. Otherwise I'll have to pay the airlines £4 per excess kg!

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