Friday, July 04, 2003

Once again, I have limited time.

Here is what I have learned about Scotland this time around:
1. Chip Rolls with gravy are mingin'. (pronounced MAY-ngin)
2. Everyone has a cell phone. (pronounced M0-bile)
3. It sometimes does get hot.
4. Scottish drivers are mad.

Yesterday I slept in very late which was good. I think it balanced out my jet lag. Lewi and I got up around 1 and went to pick up Stevie at his house. The three of us when to Kirstine's house (pronounced KAR-steen) and played with her wee rat Charlie Brown. Then we went to Fiona's house to see Mark Henry (the Teen Challenge guy that I corresponded with when I came home last time. He's now out of the program and engaged to Fiona who is absolutely beautiful.) Yet when we got to Fiona's mother's house they'd just left to Fiona's. So we went there and I saw Mark. The surprise was excellent. He looked at me for a minute, probably expected an introduction then said "No way! Praise God!" (in a Scottish accent). It was great. By then it was late and we had to get to a praise and worship thing that Lewi and Kirstine and some others had to do and to make a long story short, we were an hour late and when we got there we still didn't have a bass player so Stevie who is not an insured driver took Lewi's car and drove like a madman all over Paisley and we picked up Sarah one of the singers and Martin the bass player and were another hour late.

The praise and worship was great. It was at a drug rehab center and those guys/girls know how to praise Jesus! It was a wonderfully uplifting time for me. God is amazing.

Today we're going into Glasgow for some shopping and whatnot. But I gotta go. Lewi wants the computer. Oh and Robin came in yesterday so it was neat to see him.

I miss you all tons!!!!!

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