Friday, July 18, 2003

If any of you Americans in the Central Standard Time zone read this before 3:30pm, please pray for me. (If you read it after, pray anyway, God transcends time.) Tonight is the night I've been waiting for and nervous about. Tonight we take out the coffee bus. The Teen Challenge coffee bus goes into Newport on Friday nights and gives out free drinks and pot noodles to the homeless or anyone else who comes on. Anyone can come on and chat with us or whatever. This is going to be my first experience with really chatting with junkies or homeless people or whomever. When I was in high school, I went on a mission trip to Toronto and we did some street ministry but I didn't hardly talk to anyone, I was too afraid. Tonight, I want to be bold. A lot of people their first time on the bus just kindof observe to see how it goes, and I don't want to beat myself up over it if that's all I end up doing. But if God nudges me to go talk to someone, then I want to do it! It's just scary. I sometimes think I have the gift of discernment and can tell when someone is serious or not, but then things happen where I begin to doubt that. One thing that's really hurt me since I became a Christian is not knowing what my spiritual gifts are. I've taken the dumb quizzes and they always tell me something different. At any rate, Satan likes to really attack me in that area. In fact just last night I had one of those mini dreams that last seconds and I dreamed that I told this person I had the gift of discernment and then I ate a brownie and it had orange flavoring in it and I thought "If i really had the gift of discernment, I'd have known that this brownie was going to be gross." Ha, well luckily discernment has nothing to do with fortune telling and brownies, but you get my point. So just be praying for me if you will, just a short prayer even, God answers them all. I have faith that God is good and won't let me down. Particularly since its his work I'm helping with.

Just a quick summary of whats been going on: I met Mari, my Welsh internet friend, for the first time Wednesday. We went shopping and had a good time. I bought some pink trainers, among other things. Last night we went to a tent meeting in the park and the speaker was excellent. Really powerful. Had a great story of how she became a Christian. She talked about healing which was awesome. I always have doubts about healing, but we had three testimonies of God's miraculous healing and read about the woman in the Bible with the bleeding who touched Jesus' garment and was healed and then about Bartimaeus, the blind man who threw off his cloak and was healed. It was really really good.

Ok, well that's all I have for now. Keep the emails coming folks.

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