Friday, July 04, 2003

Scots on the Rocks

I have internet time now! Brilliant! These Scottish keyboards are different, its hard to type correctly.

so i went down to where i used to sleep in the woods here in Scotland. It's amazing! I stood in the very place that I camped for five weeks. Tonight we went to the Function, a little all ages venue where some "post hard core" band played (Emberfall). This place was like Clunk, with couches and stuff, but I didn't fall asleep there. We are all at Stevie's now, sitting around watching trial biking and chatting. These guys call me Artic. Because my name is Lori and lorry is a truck and there is a lorry called articulate lorry or something... immature boys. Heh.

Right as i wrote "immature boys" Pete threw something at me and Scott started poking my arm. Blokes.

So i got rather homesick today. I miss lots of people. I wish more people were emailing me.... grrr. But things got better. I really like all the new people I've met and it's so great to see all my old friends like Pete, Scott, Stevie, etc. Lewi is pretty great now. Anyway its been a great three days. AH only three days! I have five more! THEN I get to go to Wales and do the Teen Challenge thing!

Oh, and by far the best thing so far has been seeing Mark from TC. He and I got to know each other a bit last time i was here and wrote letters to each other for about a year. He didn't know I was coming over so I got to surprise him yesterday. He's engaged now to the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. God is good. God does really great amazing things.

I love God. Hip hip hurray for Jesus!!

Ok well that's about all....

um... later.

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