Wednesday, July 09, 2003

The Life of a Typical Scot

I woke up at 1:00 this afternoon after being out late last night. I did some laundry and I really think I almost blew up the house. The washing machine just kept on going forever and after 3 hours I decided to stop it. I don't know whats up with that machine but it started freaking me out when it started spinning so fast I thought it would orbit. I stopped the machine and pulled out my clothes and now all my clothes are like two sizes larger than they were when they went in. Gosh that sucks. And what is it about expensive clothes that the one fancy shirt I own, the only Banana Republic shirt I've ever purchased just happened to be in that wash and is now huge, stretched out, and for absolutely no reason at all, gray instead of white. It wasn't in a load with dark clothes, so why is it gray now?? Now my laundry is hanging on the clothesline and I bet it'll rain just to spite me.

Last night I felt like a true Scottish lad (yes, lad). I was sitting around a fire in the woods with about seven or eight scottish guys when they all get this idea to go down to the church camp's campsite and set off fireworks then run away. This is what these Scottish boys do you see, regardless of age. They wreak havoc. Steal/relocate signs, yell at people out the windows, I don't even know what all they do. So that's how I found myself crammed in the back of a car with a bunch of guys with speeding through the windy country roads with the headlights off. We got to the edge of the campsite and rolled the car half way down the gravel road. We crept up to the tents and simultaneously about six or seven fireworks were set off and we ran back down the road shouting and "wa-hoo"ing and setting off rockets, piling in the car as fast as possible and speeding off. I've felt incredibly privileged during this trip- most tourists don't get to see the real side of Scotland the way I've been getting to.

Last night I also tasted Bailey's for the first time. It's really tasty.

Tomorrow I leave for Wales. I guess I ought to confirm my flight, huh. I'll do that pretty soon. I'm pretty excited/nervous. I can't wait to see what God has for me. But I wish I were a better Christian. But then again, if I were a better Christian maybe I'd feel even more unprepared. I've noticed that as I grow in my Christian walk, I become more and more aware of how unprepared and weak I am. I think that's the point. I led a TMI team when I was less than a year old spiritually and I thought I was seriously unprepared. Now, nearly three years into my salvation, I feel like I could never lead a team again because of how unworthy and sinful I am. Imagine how I'll feel in twenty years. Yet the cool thing is, just at the same pace as I'm recognizing my sinfulness, God is also conforming my will to his, and when he tells me to do something I'm learning to do it. So in twenty years, I may be the ugliest sinfullest Christian in the country, but I hope I'll also be one of the most willing.

I truly love the journey.

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