Tuesday, July 15, 2003

So today and yesterday I spent at the Lliswery School talking to kids about smoking. It went pretty well really. I mean of course the kids were totally cheeky and a couple were downright rude but for the most part, it went as I expected it to. Today two others came with Caroline and I, a recovering junkie and a recovering alcoholic. It was good. I cringed kind of a lot because they talked so much about Jesus and just like in the US, you can't do that, but it went well. One boy stayed after school to talk and be prayed for so I think it was worth it- just as long as we don't get in trouble and Teen Challenge gets banned from schools!

And there's not much more to say. I'm getting on better with the family here and I'm really starting to have a good time. I like all the Teen Challenge work I'm getting to do and I'm having some of the craziest dreams. Maybe I'll share more about those later.

For now, I gotta finish talking to Scott, call the airlines, and go to a potluck. Whew!

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