Friday, December 20, 2013

The Forgotten Elf and the Dusty Shelf

So the other night I went to bed and forgot about the Elf.

Mega Oops moment the following morning when Fifi came into my room in a tizzy.

She blamed herself. She 'accidentally' touched the elf at some point the day before and now she was convinced she'd taken away his magic.

Mummy had to do some fast bleary-eyed lying to get out of that one.

'Maybe he just fell asleep.' No, his eyes were open.

'Maybe he isn't feeling well.' He looks fine to me.

'I know! Maybe he couldn't get all that toothpaste off the mirror, and so he needs our help.' That one worked. Fifi got out paper towels and face cloths and helped me wipe the mirror down. Then I sent her into the kitchen for breakfast. The moment was critical. I had to make Banoffee move without Fifi seeing me. I quickly hung him on the shower and turned off the bathroom light.

'Okay, Fifi, he's still sitting there. We'll see if he moves later today.' Lies, lies, the lies we tell children!

She kind of forgot about it until it was time to brush her teeth before school. 'Mum! Mum! He moved! Come look!' Feigning surprise, I ran to the bathroom to check. Sure enough, Banoffee's magic was restored. Phew.

Yesterday we made Reindeer Food for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. The first year we did this, we went all out - pretty little bags to hand out the food to friends, a ribbon and a tag with a poem on it, oats, sprinkles, glitter, confetti stars. Then I read about the glitter and confetti being dangerous to birds and the excitement wore off. However, the kids feel obliged to feed the reindeer every year now, so it's gotten a bit old. Yesterday it was plastic baggies, oats and cake sprinkles. Done in five. Moving on.

Last night, despite being up past midnight wrapping Christmas gifts (and re-watching Season 1 of Glee), I dared not forget our little elf. It was late, and I had no grand ideas, but it was easy enough to set him up with a game of Connect 4 with a La La Loopsy doll in tighty whiteys.

Today's project was to make elf donuts out of Cheerios but we made gingerbread men instead, the activity left over from weeks ago. Note to self: I want these for next year.

I'm kind of hoping the elf donuts get forgotten about, but if they don't, it should be easy to catch up on later.

Lolly also got to wrap her own Christmas presents this afternoon. She picked out her own paper from the Dollar Tree, and I let her do it all, scissors and tape. She loved it. And since it was her own wrapping paper, I didn't even care that she was cutting holes out of the middle of the wrap.

Today was Fifi's last day of school for the holidays, and Scott's last day of work until next Thursday. Hurray! Fun time with my family and lie-ins every morning! Ya-hoo!

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