Friday, December 27, 2013

50 Shades of Féria®

I'm kinda known for my changing hair colors. I started dying my hair when I was sixteen. I was in West Side Story in high school, and I didn't have much of a part, I was Riff's girlfriend Velma. But I used it as a chance to convince my mom to let me dye my hair red. Well, strawberry-blonde. My hair was darkish blonde back then. That was pretty much the last time I saw my natural color (besides a stint where I dyed my hair back to its natural color, according to the roots, but it didn't last long).

My hair has been red, burgundy, purple, black, black and blue, black and fuchsia, blonde, ash blonde, platinum blonde, platinum blonde and pink, brown, dark brown, orange... I think that about covers it. Last year, I managed to stick with shades of blonde for a whole year, by far the longest I'd stuck with one color family. This year, I've been various shades of red all year, except a two weeker when I tried to go purple and it went nearly black. I bleached it back out and went back to red almost immediately.

I'm done with red now, and after much consideration and very little listening to other opinions (including but not limited to Scott's), I've decided to go back to blonde, this time with the intention of trying to get back to roughly the color of my roots. At this point, my natural color is probably a light brown, dark blonde with saddening spurts of gray. I'm thinking blonde or dark blonde with highlights, something along those lines. For how long? Who knows. But for now, that's the idea.

So tonight I bleached my red hair blonde. Only, it didn't come out blonde. It came out an odd sort of orangey-pink. Interesting.

I've been doing this a long time; I'm no fool. I knew it was likely to go orange. I knew I'd likely need to give it another bleach in a day or so. (Hairdresser friends, you may cringe now.) That's how I got it so blonde last year.

Unfortunately, I'll have to look like an off-duty clown until then.

The fact that I dye my hair is kind of completely against everything else I believe in. I'm totally against all the chemicals in our everyday beauty products. If I could afford it I'd wear only natural make-up and salt deodorant, all natural shampoos and conditioners, fluoride- and SLS-free toothpaste, and I'd eat only free-range, non-GMO, organic, non-processed foods. (Okay, the non-processed part maybe isn't entirely true. There are too many delicious junk foods out there that I'd have a hard time giving up. I'd want to give them up though. That counts?) I use reusable silicone feminine hygiene products, I don't take artificial birth control, I rarely use pharmaceuticals... But... I dye my hair. All the time. The chemicals I massage into my scalp are horrifying.

Maybe my thinking is, if I avoid chemicals and toxins in everything else, I can get away with the toxins I'm polluting myself with in hair dye.

With that said, I am looking forward to being a blonde again. :) Welcome 2014!

A Brief History of Hair:

Raver days. Sometimes those pink streaks were blue.

Looking at this one, I wish I'd decided to go black again now...

Maybe I should grow it back out?

The closest I can reckon my natural color is. Ooh, maybe I'll just go back to this.

This is what I'm going for now.

At the start of 2013. The shade was called Mango.

A couple of weeks ago. Ooh, I really like that shade of red.

This topic of 'hair dye' brought to you by a long overdue November request from Joy. There is still a long list I'm working my way through because I promised I'd write about each one.


  1. You are the cutest! I love you in a bob.

    1. Oops I only just saw this comment! Blogger *claims* it will notify me of comments, but it's all just a lie. :)

      Anyway, thanks!


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