Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Clever Men--GAH": A 2005 Unpublished Post

Back in 2005, when we had only been married a few months, I wrote this post but never published it. I've never been able to delete it though because it makes me giggle. Especially now, all these years later, because I still think it's for the most part pretty true. At the end I mention Scott will kill me for posting it. I still maintain that. But I'm tired of seeing it in my Draft folder, and I know I'll never delete it, so it must be time to Publish. Sorry, Scott, for the husband worship below.

Scott & Lori, December 2005

I think my husband is a genius. Like a genuine way-up-in-the-clouds IQ type genius. I can't decide if this is fascinating or frustrating.

I got an inkling of Scott's intelligence when we were dating. His uncanny ability to know absolutely everything gave me a clue. But now that I actually live with him and have realised that there is hardly any use in arguing with him at all makes me almost certain.

This is incredibly frustrating news.

How is it that Scott can out of the blue tell me about mating patterns connected with the urine of ladybugs? And how come he was trying to explain how Newtonian physics is actually only partially right according to Quantum physics when he's never even actually studied Quantum physics? Apparently only like one person in 10,000 understands Quantum physics... I can't even spell it while Scott is trying to explain it to me in bed last night.

I tried to retaliate by talking about photons in photosynthesis, but Scott corrected me.

I just didn't argue.

I read an article yesterday about "alpha females" being less likely to marry. Apparently for every 16 points a woman's IQ goes up, her likelihood to marry goes down 40%. However it works just the other way around for men. Which must explain how Scott got married when he was only 20.

Let me point out here that it's not just that Scott is an encyclopaedia of interesting facts. It's that Scott could read an encyclopaedia of interesting facts and he'd have it memorized. Scott doesn't know things because he learned them, he knows things because they simply are.

He's gonna kill me for posting this.

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  1. ROFL!!!! What's funny is I still secretly feel this way about my husband...13 yrs later,however I would never tell him that lol....just shows that u are just as in love and awe of him as u were when u got married. I really thought I would never find someone to marry me because, as u may know, (LOL) I am quite a hand full and extremely opinionated...Thankfully God created the man who could handle me and love me flaws and all. I thank God daily for my amazing husband. :-)


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