Friday, December 06, 2013

A Snow Day and a Sad Day and a Pervy Little Elf Day

Even though it's been warm all week (Fifi was outside climbing trees in shorts yesterday), it's going to get really cold and supposedly very icy tonight and tomorrow. While this kind of messes with my Pampered Chef parties this weekend, I can't say I'm not excited about Fifi being off school and Scott being off work! A surprise three-day weekend!

I do think there has been a little bit of hysteria over this weather going on around here. I mean, ice is bad, yeah, and no one wants to drive in it (especially with all the people on the road who don't know how to drive in it), but it seems a bit pre-emptive to cancel the universe before it's even happened, before the temperatures even hit below freezing.

Anyway, I'm not complaining. Day off tomorrow means lazing about, not having to wake up early, having an easy day and making up for the Advent Activity we did NOT do today.

I'd forgotten until last night that Fifi had a Girl Scouts thing tonight, so I had to do a little swapping around. We were supposed to watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn together, but I changed it to have a picnic on the floor in our pajamas. Still a stupid thing to change it to because I wasn't going to get Fi in her pj's before Girl Scouts! At any rate, none of that happened at all.

Partially because of this...

You probably recall Gracie, our miniature dachshund. Our miniature un-house-trained dachshund. We love Gracie. She is the sweetest, gentlest dog ever... but she poos and pees EVERYWHERE. We just couldn't keep her inside for longer than 20 minutes for fear she'd mess our carpets again. With the weather getting colder, I just hated having her outside. We'd bring her in, but then she needed to stay in her crate, which just made me feel cruel.

I'd have loved to take the time to train her but with two other kids at home all day? It just wasn't feasible. So we started looking for a new home for our sweet Gracie.

My mom called me today to let me know a woman at her work had a daughter who loves the breed and was willing to take on the challenge of house training her. And she wanted her today.

Lolly was distraught. I was pretty broken up about it too, though I knew it was the best thing for our doggie. I decided I couldn't take Gracie away without Fifi getting to say goodbye, so I picked her up early from school on the way to taking Gracie to her new home and broke the news to Fifi. Fifi was distraught.

The whole thirty-minute drive was agony. The two girls wailed the whole way. Lolly kept crying, 'This life stinks!' and 'Why did you take us to this rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, rubbish America?!' and 'I want to go back to Scotland!' The cries not only made my head pound, they made my eyes water. I feel your pain, girls. In so many ways.

I took some pictures of the girls with their dog before saying goodbye, but they are too sad to share. So here's a less sad one for Lolly to remember her 'precious, precious puppy', as she kept calling her all day. This was earlier in the day before the reality of it hit her.

Afterwards, I took the kids by McDonald's for an ice cream. This helped soothe their pain tremendously. Then I stopped into Walmart to get some milk before this supposed 'snowpocalypse' rolls in. The people of central Arkansas have gone crazy. The state of their shopping carts made me think they were stacking the shelves of their nuclear bomb shelters before crawling in for the next ten years.

By the time we got home, and I got dinner ready, it was time for Girl Scouts, so no picnic in pj's. Fifi and Lolly did have a lot of fun cutting up thousands of sheets of white paper into snowflakes... which totally screws day number 9's plans. But tomorrow's snow day means we can have a picnic on the floor in our pj's all day long if we want.

And now, for a Banoffee Pie Update:

This morning the girls found BP having a leisurely tea party with his two favourite redheads, Ariel and Merida.

Even though he's friends with both, he obviously couldn't help perving on Ariel a little bit in her little teeny-tiny purple bikini. She wasn't helping things with the slutty way she was sitting either. But maybe it's not entirely her fault; I've never tried to sit on a picnic blanket in a fin, so I don't know what's comfortable.

Banoffee made some delicious Chocolate Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies too. Little ones for he and his friends to share with their cup of tea (real tea, despite Fifi tasting it and saying it was just water - it was real tea!) and jello (Lolly's gift to Banoffee yesterday). He also made plenty for us too, though I may or may not have eaten 95% of all by myself.

Stop checking the mermaid out, Banoffee!

You sly dog, you!

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