Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Morning Artwork

Banoffee got into the wrapping paper last night and made a little mess. I didn't mind, I've finished my Christmas gift wrapping. Have at it, elf man.

He even wrapped himself up in a box. Look at that cheeky giggle he's doing. HOW DO PEOPLE THINK THIS IS CREEPY? He is cuteness incarnate.

Kids were all "There's no present inside."

The Advent Activity today was to paint Christmas tree ornaments to give as gifts. However, that project failed when Walmart ceased to retail the ornaments I'd had in mind. So I changed the project to making tea towels as gifts. It all worked so perfectly in my head... but my head has been known to be wrong on so many occasions.

First of all, I bought flour sack towels, which when all wrapped up in sales packaging looked exactly like the kind of fabric I wanted. Unwrapped, however, they were twice as big as a regular tea towel. I had no desire to get out my sewing machine, so I had to think out how to cope with their bigness.

Second, I had purchased finger paints because, you know, they are safe for kids. My baby loves putting everything into his mouth, so it seemed right and responsible to go with washable, non-toxic finger paints.

Except, oh wait, tea towels need to get washed. Oops. Decoration-only tea towels we'll be making then.

And third, I didn't buy enough paint. I bought a set of six little pots, but after painting four little hands twice each, I was out of green paint. (Jaguar got to use both hands because he's the favourite the baby.) I'll have to make the Scottish grandparents their tea towel later. Maybe I'll actually buy the right kind of paint too so the gift can actually be useful. I really don't like non-useful gifts. I'm not sentimental. I throw my kids paintings away.

They're meant to look like Christmas trees.

The towels came out cute regardless of their uselessness and the kids had loads of fun painting with the leftover paints afterwards.

My kitchen is currently an amazing art museum.

Until I throw all the paintings away, of course.

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