Tuesday, December 03, 2013

All That Glitters... Is Evil (Day 3)

One word. Glitter.

Okay, two words. Glitter galore.

We got glitter-tastic today with our third Advent Activity, which was to make Christmas cards to deliver to the neighbours. I got this particular card-making idea from my sis-in-law Rebekkah. We used cookie cutters to trace out shapes and then lined them with glue and glitter. We coloured them in first and stamped 'Tis the Season' on each card, pre-glitter.

Crayons, ahh, safe.

Glitter, evil.

I really hate glitter. I mean, no, I love it, I love sparkles and shiny things, but I hate the glitter process. I hate glitter all over my table, my floor, my hands, my food, my eyelashes, my hair (well, I kind of like it in my hair). And when kids are involved...Oh boy, does my blood pressure go up. Trying to keep my eye on both kids, get them to take turns with the glitter, not knock it over, not shake it everywhere, keep each color separate (I now have blue mixed in with my white - NOOOOO!), and of course there's the glue happening simultaneously...

Well anyway, we survived the glitter, and the girls' cards look really sweet. We will let them dry over night and deliver them down the street tomorrow. We may have to attempt this again for family. Something tells me grannies like this kind of thing.

Kind of worth it in the end though.

Now. As for Banoffee, our cheeky Elf on a Shelf? Well, he got really busy last night up in the [doll's house] attic making paper chains for the kids to count down Christmas.

Without opposable thumbs even!

As you can see, he kind of ran out of steam at sixteen. He was watching Glee while he worked until his little fingers were so sticky he gave up. The kids never really counted the links anyway. All I know is they were excited about tearing each link off each day and I, I mean, Banoffee died a little inside imagining all that hard work getting destroyed. I'm sort of hoping to hold onto that chain until next year to save doing all that itty bitty work again. I, I mean, Banoffee really doesn't know why he went to so much effort and really doesn't want to do that ever again ever.

But it was worth it for the adorable tiny-things factor.

Banoffee can't take credit for the idea. He got it from here while browsing the internet.

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  1. Aww poor Banoffee Pie, his poor aching fingers. But Yey! for how cool it looks in the loft :p


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