Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Elf Shenanigans and the Unmentionables Mentioned

It's very late, but for those of you following Banoffee the Elf's exploits, here's what our little house guest had prepared for us this morning.

While Lolly isn't actually a fan of hot chocolate, Fifi is (and so am I). Banoffee put together a lovely mix of hot chocolate powder (just from a mix, I, I mean, Banoffee, didn't have all the ingredients on hand to make it from scratch), peppermint flavoured marshmallows and chocolate chips. The stripey straws were just for looks and did not fare well when placed in the hot liquid.

We were busy all day, so luckily our Advent Activity was simple. We ate dinner by candlelight. It was a very romantic taco night.

This morning, after running errands (all I do, it seems, is run errands), I took Lolly to another local library to see a kids' Christmas concert (can't remember the name of the singing couple). She LOVED it. They sang silly kid songs, Christmas songs, threw a bunch of toys around, did motions, all that fun kid stuff. Jaguar slept through the first half but boogied down during the second. It was unrealistically relaxing for a loud, microphoned, singing duet kids' concert.

I then spent pretty much the rest of the day cleaning, folding laundry and packing everyone for this weekend. I also had my friend/ neighbour's kids over after school for a little while to give her a small break, and the kids were all perfect. All five of the riotous children in my house were in superb moods and played smashingly. I had a great time folding laundry and joining in on their Glee soundtrack dance party. I wonder why I was in such a great mood?

OHHHHH, that would be because the Jaguartor TOTALLY worked last night and Jaguar only cried in his crib for about 5-10 minutes and I never had to get out of bed to deal with him. That great mood is otherwise known as well-rested.

(I'm also in a great mood because as breastfeeding decreases so has my boob size, so I got to buy new bras for my trip, and they are push-up bras, and I feel like a buxom burlesque pin-up in my Spanx-style sucky-in knickers and pushed-up boobs. Just so you know.)


Lastly, since tomorrow will be somewhat busy with the final packing, sending the cat and children to their various vacation residencies, tying up loose ends (aka more errands) and finally catching our relaxing no-fighting-kids flight to Seattle, I'll go ahead and show you what our cheeky elf will be discovered doing in the morning.

I so nearly forgot about this until, like, five seconds ago

Hey, buddy, that's supposed to be part of Fifi's teacher's Christmas present! Imagine you eating all those M&Ms. Shame on you. Now I have to go buy more....

Fifi's teacher is getting two Pampered Chef glass prep bowls with lids, one filled with red M&Ms and the other with green. I'm going to wrap it with pretty ribbon in a pretty bag and think up something punny to write on the card like '...' 

...Erm,I don't know what.

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