Friday, November 14, 2008

UNICEF Baby Friendly Conference

No one else seems to find this nearly as exciting as I do, but I've gotten a ticket to attend the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative Annual Conference! The Baby Friendly Initiative is (in short) a list of criteria a hospital must follow regarding breastfeeding and infant care in order to achieve 'Baby Friendly' status. I don't know if Baby Friendly is in the US, but it's in Europe, and it's meant to be very prestigious. However, in my opinion, it seems the status gets thrown about more in the UK than it does in other areas of Europe.

Anyway, I'm so, so excited about going! It's in two weeks time, which means I'll be 38 weeks pregnant, so now I'm really hoping I don't go before then. I'd really hate to miss this conference! The tickets were expensive, but luckily I didn't have to pay for them, as the Inverclyde Community Health Project (of the NHS) sponsored me and the three other Breastfeeding Network Trainee Supporters to go. We are all so thrilled!

In other news, my friends Sarah and Lorna are throwing me a baby shower tomorrow. I don't know if many people will be there, as the invitations were sent out kind of last minute, but it should be fun. I made an angel food cake for the occasion, but it kinda turned out... wrong. It's a hard cake to make from scratch, I tell you! It's getting those egg whites at just the right peaks and then folding in the flour/sugar mixture... I didn't want to over-mix, so I ended up under-mixing and half of the flour/sugar mixture ended up at the bottom of the bundt pan (which is the top of cake) and baked very densely. So the bottom of the cake is fluffy and light, while the top is dense and moist. Eek. Tastes okay but not perfect.

That's all for now.

ETA: Click here and here to read about the conference.

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