Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Could I Be Any More of a Disaster?

The good news is, baby is still safely inside my womb.

The bad news is, I'm on crutches.

Yesterday morning getting ready to take Scott to work, I slipped outside in the mud and fell into the splits. Luckily, I caught myself on the car before going all the way down, but I pulled all the muscles in my pelvis. I thought the pain would subside, but it only grew worse and worse as the moments passed by. I ended up having to cancel my baby signing class last minute and get taken into the hospital (what's with me and these hospitals??) By the time we reached the hospital, I could no longer walk properly, so I had to be wheeled about in a wheelchair - very embarrassing. I was taken up to the maternity ward, and the baby was checked first. She is fine. Then I was seen by a physiotherapist who was surprised by how 'bad off' I was. She brought me crutches and a support band and a support belt and taught me how to move without further injuring myself. She showed me how to use the crutches, how to get in and out of bed and off of chairs, etc. She gave me the strongest support belt they had, which looked like a very unattractive girdle. They wheeled me back down and my wonderful mother-in-law, who drove me there, drove me back to her house, where I am now on some sort of 'bed rest'. I basically damaged my symphysis pubis something-or-other, which some of you who have been pregnant before will be able to sympathise with.

I'm staying now at my in-laws' house for a few days to ensure I rest. If I were at home, it would be impossible not to do chores. There are so many things that need done there! There's the laundry, the hoovering, the dishes... So Scott's dad has Fifi for the day, and I'm stuck here, trying to keep myself entertained. I watched Gordon Brown's press conference (what a boring man), and now I'm watching the Armistice Day festivities in France. Can you believe there are still 3 living British veterans of WW1? They are something like 108, 110 and 111.

I suppose some more good news is that today I feel much more mobile than I was yesterday. The support belt, crutches, rest and pelvic excercises seem to have really helped already. I can now shuffle around the house without the crutches, though if I were to leave the house (which I'm not allowed), I'd still need them. But the pain is much less than it was yesterday, so that is a very, very good thing.

The house phone here is ringing... what does one do when someone else's house phone rings? It stopped. Good. Sorry, whoever you were.

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