Monday, November 17, 2008

Preparations, Preparations

I'm tired. Very tired. I know I should go to bed, but there are a gazillion (yes, a gazillion) things I need to do before little Spooce comes. In the immediate, it's things like laundry, dishes (though I've been keeping my dishes surprisingly up-to-date), hoovering (not so up-to-date) and a few other errand-type things, like mailing my mom's package and all my Christmas cards, grocery shopping and the last of my Christmas shopping. My idea for Scott's present didn't work out, so I've got to think up something new... Nothing will beat having gotten him that case of Mean Pig BBQ Hot Sauce, I tell you. (And I mean that. And Scott will vouch for that.) In the long term, it's stuff like clearing out Fifi's room, getting baby stuff all ready, putting in car seat, etc.

Boring stuff to talk about, I know.

I've got our Thanksgiving dinner planned for this Sunday, which I need to get organised for. Yes, I know that Thanksgiving is two weeks away, and I'm also well aware that there is no such thing as Thanksgiving in Scotland, but I'm having a dinner and I'm having it early and that's that. I am CRAVING me some stuffing with cranberry sauce and some pumpkin pie. Oh man, pumpkin pie. My mouth waters.

Ick, that means I definitely need to get the house tidied.

I'm also planning on decorating for Christmas next weekend. I might wait until after 'Thanksgiving'; it depends. Scott wants to wait until the 1st December, but um, I'm hoping to have a baby, like, the day after my conference. So the tree needs to be UP and beautifully decorated before then.

I love Christmas.

Anyway, back to that whole being tired thing. I should really just say stuff it to the laundry and go to bed. There's no room left on the clothes horse anyway for the things in the wash. I'll hang them up tomorrow when the other clothes might possibly be dry.

Night night.

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