Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Slept!


I slept so well last night. Even if my dreams were about Lost mixed with characters from Scrubs. Fi woke me up at 6 this morning, all cute, with just a tap on the shoulder and a 'Mum?' She gave me a hug and cuddled up next to me for a few minutes while I came to. It was sweet.

And no heartburn!

Let me tell you my new heartburn secret. Apple Cidar Vinegar. It is HORRIBLE. But I've been taking a tablespoon every night before going to bed (and I have to shoot it fast and then reel for a few seconds afterwards), but if I have been responsible at dinner and not eaten a big or naughty meal, it works! It actually works even when I have been naughty, like the other night when I ate nearly a whole large pepperoni pizza (yikes!). The heartburn was at least kicked until sometime mid night, at which point I just took the easy way out and guzzled some Gaviscon. But seriously. My midwife suggested ACV at the very start, and I bought some but couldn't bring myself to try it. It just seemed so terrible. And it is. But wow, it really seems to work when nothing else does. My friend Carol swears by baking soda in water, but I don't know in what quantities.

Anyway, great sleep last night. Best in days.

Today is 'Thanksgiving'. I need to nip to the shop to buy some last minute things, like turkey gravy (just gonna cheat and buy it pre-made), green beans (my mom pointed out that I had nothing green planned) and milk. And bread, since I used all our bread up last night for the stuffing, and now we've got nothing for breakfast and lunches this week.

I'm feeling good. Amazing what one night of sleep can do for you, eh?

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