Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My To-Dos

The list of things to do before the baby arrives doesn't seem to get any shorter, no matter how many things I cross off. Because for every one thing I cross off, I add two more. Right now I'm trying to pack my hospital bag, but for some reason, even though a list has been made, I'm making very slow progress. I think it's the idea of having to pack things like breast pads and big comfy knickers that just seems too unrealistic. Even though I think I have just about everything I need lying somewhere around the house, the effort of putting it all in one place seems very difficult. I think I'm also pretty uninspired about what bag to put them in. Dumb as it sounds, I really want a new, pretty overnight bag! All I have is a big ugly black one, and a little red one that matches my luggage. Boring. I saw some cute pink polka-dotted ones in the mall yesterday, and even though they were only £8 (a bargain), I couldn't bring myself to spend the money. After all, it's not like I NEED a new bag...

I did, however, buy a new nightdress (£3 - go Primark!) which unbuttons down the front for wearing in the hospital post-partum and two pairs of big, thick knee-high socks (£2 for the pair) to wear instead of slippers (I hate slippers). I probably only need to buy one or two things now, but seriously, it seems so hard.

I also have a gazillion things to do around the house. I've been doing lots of laundry, but even with the sunshine, my washing doesn't get very dry in the freezing cold air outside. And there's only so much room on my clothes horse indoors. And I don't like to run the tumble dryer very often because a) it costs money b) it wastes electricity and c) it doesn't work very well unless it's all small, cottony items like socks and undies.

Then there are all the things to wrap up with TinyTalk and my Christmas cards. My only card order this year - seeing as I didn't advertise AT ALL - was for my mom, and those are done, so that's a relief, but I still need to sell a lot of my assorted ones. And I've got to get next term's signing classes organised before Monday preferably so I can start the pre-booking process. And let's not even talk about taxes which don't need to be filed until 30 January, but I really ought to finish them before December, so I don't have to do taxes with a newborn baby attached to my booby.

And of course, Thanksgiving is coming up, and I'm celebrating it early to keep the stress level low, but that means I've got two weeks to organise that. And Christmas is mostly finished (cards all written out and presents almost all wrapped), but there are still a few odds and ends left to get, like extended family gifts and one thing for Scott that I have yet to order. And the decorating! Scott wants to wait until 1 December, but I really don't! I want to December to be the month of quiet, relaxed bliss while I await the arrival of my second daughter. Anyone want to keep Fifi for the month to make that dream a reality?

Anyway, instead of blogging, perhaps I should be working on some of those To-Dos. I just gotta find my list. First item on the To-Do agenda: Find To-Do List.

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