Monday, November 03, 2008

Trick Or Treat

So on Halloween night, Spooce McFarlane decided to play a little Halloween Trick or Treat. Around 3.30pm, I started having real contractions while snoozing on the couch with Fifi. The first two weren't too bad; they were very different from my usual Braxton-Hicks, but not terribly uncomfortable. Then came the third one - wowzers. I had to grab Scott's attention (not easy) and get him to take Fifi away, so I could stand up. I stood up, but immediately had to lean over a chair to get through. I breathed my way through it, and it finally eased off. When I stood back up, I felt (possibly TMI upcoming) a tiny release of fluid and an 'opening' sensation. It was then I realised that this was a lot more like labour is described than my BH contractions had been. I decided to get in a bath to slow/stop the contractions. I couldn't stop thinking about that opening feeling, though, so I called my midwife. She thought it all sounded too much like premature labour and advised I call the hospital. I was reluctant, so I decided to wait it out. However, two contractions later, I agreed to call. Of course, they wanted me to come in.

I texted a few people asking for prayer (I was only just 34 weeks), and Scott and I headed to the hospital. Poor Fifi could sense something was wrong and was actually not cool with going to Gran's house for a change.

The prayers must've worked, though, because by the time I got to hospital, all the contractions had stopped. I only had one while I was there, and it was really mild. They sent me back home.

We were really relieved not to have had an early baby (or a Halloween baby at that), but we were both really quite calm about the whole thing. I felt very confident that if this was it, then that's just how it goes and I was gonna go with it. Again, I think that was due to prayers... and possibly my HypnoBirthing affirmations practice. *wink* We thought it was funny that she went 'trick or treating' with us. It turned out to be a trick, but a little baby would've been a treat!

Still, very glad she's still in there and cooking. She's still just a bit too wee to enter the big, oxygeny world. Give us another, oh, 4 weeks, and then I'll be VERY happy to see you. (Come on 38 week baby, please no 42 week one.)

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