Friday, November 07, 2008

Baby Baby

Ugh. Last night I started to feel like the baby was a little lower, but this morning I'm sure of it. Either that, or there's a baseball rammed down into my pelvis. Perhaps I'm just impatient and so I'm creating close-to-birth symptoms, I don't know. But I feel truly waddle-y. This pregnancy is so strange compared to my last one. With Fifi, it was like my body knew not it wasn't meant to go into labour with her, so I never had contractions or any kind of pre-labour symptoms until 5 days prior to my scheduled section when it decided it was time to get her out - then it all happened at once, though slowly enough for us to react accordingly and safely. Does that make sense?

This time, it's like my body's been in preparation for months. I started getting Braxton-Hicks contractions somewhere around the 20th week, and I've had them ever since. I had that round of real contractions a week ago. I'm sure the baby is descending now. I'm willing to bet these things will continue to compound until they culminate into full-blown labour. I guess the baby really ought to wait it out another three weeks, but I can't imagine waiting even that long. It's five weeks until my due date. I think I will pull out my brains if I go longer than that. I need to get this baby OUT.

I also need to stop walking while holding my lower pelvis. I look like a toddler on the way to the toilet. I just feel like I've got to hold this baby in. It is so all up in my personal space.

Here's me, at 35 weeks (yesterday):

This is me at 35 weeks +1 (today):

It's possibly the fact that I'm wearing jeans in one picture and pajama bottoms in the other that skews the reality of the placing of my belly, but my bump totally looks lower today than it did last night. Even if it is a false comparison, it fuels the illusion that my baby will come soon, and that's an illusion I need to hold onto to ensure my sanity for the next few weeks.


ETA: Okay, even though Scott tells me this is entirely unscientific, I took a more accurate shot, of me in the same jeans and belt as yesterday. Just really wanted to prove this to myself. I'm a crazy person.

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