Monday, January 22, 2007

Who's Coming With Me?

I've officially crossed over to the Morrison's side from having been a loyal Tesco shopper for over two years. (Groceries are really the most interesting thing you could possibly want from a Monday morning post, right?) Not only did I fill my cart (with many things NOT on the shopping list) and still spend about £20 less than I would have at Tesco*, I found waterproof drawstring washbags for 99p! Ya'll, I have seriously looked EVERYWHERE for some waterproof drawstring bags to put dirty nappies in when out and about. I ended up having to order a couple from Tots Bots for like £4 each. And then, right in the middle of the toiletries aisle... there they were. And in different colours! I bought two - pink and purple - for the baby, and I'll use one of the boring navy blue Tots Bots one for myself.

Myself, you're asking? Please be warned - if you are male, squirmish, my brother or any combination of the above - SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH. Yes, myself. I'm going to start using washable menstrual pads. Ahem.

I've also fallen for Morrison's because they made finding cream of tartar so darn easy.

Unfortunately, though, Tesco is reading over my shoulder, and in an effort to lure me back, they've dropped an envelope full of vouchers and ClubCard points in my letterbox. Dang it. Well, they might win this battle, but they will lose the war! (Oh gosh, what on earth am I talking about?)

*This might be due to the fact that Morrison's doesn't sell baby clothes, and had I been at Tesco, there's a fair chance that £20 would've been spent not on groceries but tiny pink onesies.

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