Friday, January 05, 2007

Getting Out of Bed

So far, this maternity leave has not been as productive as I planned for it to be. I know maternity leave prior to the baby is meant to be relaxing and chilled and a chance to catch up the sleep you won't get for the next 15 years, but I still imagined myself waking up with Scott, sending him off to work with a pack lunch and diving into household chores.


I've gotten up with Scott once this week, dropped him off, then came back home and slept on the couch until 11.30.

Mostly I just sleep in until I feel so guilty that I get up, I make breakfast (as in, pour a bowl of cereal) and then sleep on the couch some more. I haven't really 'tackled' any household chores in their entirety.

I have managed to somewhat tidy up the Christmas mess. Now, the only things lying around the living room are last night's dinner dishes, some used napkins, several books I managed to move from the bedroom to the living room (but not quite to the bookshelf), a blanket on the couch, my birthing ball, the hoover and several pairs of shoes. And a big garbage bag full of wrapping paper that hasn't made it to the bins outside yet. And several empty boxes for packing and the boxes full of Christmas decorations that will need to go back into the loft but probably won't.

Oh, speaking of empty boxes for packing, did I not say we're planning on moving? We don't have a house yet, but we have a mortgage application in process and will be putting in an offer on a place when that is all sorted. If that place is gone by then, we'll just find somewhere else. I know the baby is due in, you know, six weeks, which is about how long a mortgage takes to go through, so potentially we could be moving house around the same time a baby is pushing herself out of my body, but we'll just see what happens. I haven't packed anything yet. I need more boxes and a stronger belief that we really are moving first.

Today, I'd like to see the kitchen cleaned. I don't know who's going to clean it, but it would be nice to see it done. And I'd also like to see the rug in my bedroom hoovered, but I need to empty the hoover first... and really, I seriously doubt I can be bothered with that either. We'll see when evening comes how much I've ended up achieving.

But first on the agenda is lunch. Frozen pizza, frozen fish or grilled cheese?

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