Friday, January 26, 2007

Five A Day

I know this is the sort of thing I should've been keeping up with throughout the whole pregnancy - throughout my whole life really - but I was keenly reminded a couple of weeks ago during a talk about nutrition how important it is to get your five fruit and vegetables a day. The talk was good in that the girl showed us how much a 'portion' of different fruits and veggies is, which has always been a bit baffling to me. So since then I've been motivated to get those healthy buggers down.

I've mostly been doing fruit, because it's so much tastier, which I know isn't exactly how it's meant to work. This girl said, 'If you eat 50 different foods a week, you're bound to be all right.' Easier said than done! So I bought blueberries, clementines, bananas, an avocado, carrots and several cans of peas. I looked at the broccoli, which I usually like, and couldn't bring myself to put it in my basket. It just suddenly seemed so vile. Oh, and fruit juice. One glass of fruit juice can count as one portion (but only one, as you don't get the fibre).

I've been doing all right with it. Last night I made fettuccine - not the healthiest pasta in the world - but I loaded the rest of the plate with roast chicken, peas, carrots and avocado. And for breakfast this morning, I sort of overdid it by adding blueberries and banana to my Red Berries Special K and drinking a glass of orange and banana juice. I feel a bit sick.

For lunch I'll eat the other half of my avocado with whatever I decide to make and I'll maybe peel a carrot too. For dinner, we're having meatloaf (again, not the healthiest, but I'm working on this 50 different foods a week thing!) with a side of roasted courgette (zucchini) and probably another carrot. And maybe canned corn. Oh and new potatoes, which don't count as a fruit/veg, but are still healthy in their own right.

But no matter what kind of healthy eating kick I try to go on, I will always treasure my bedtime snack of ice cream. (At least until I've had the baby and this craving for ice cream 24/7 turns into an extreme dislike.)

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