Thursday, January 25, 2007

To Do...

...before next Thursday. You know, when I'm admitted to the hospital to have my baby on Friday.

Yes, like, a week tomorrow.

I'm going to be a mum a week tomorrow.


The list I made last night now actually needs to be done.

1. Get carseat base fitted.
2. Phone Tots Bots about delayed order.
3. Email Pollywog Baby about where my nursing pillow is.
4. Vacuum living room, bedroom and baby room.
5. Get Christmas tree (already boxed at least) and old computer into loft.
6. Set up crib and baby changer. Put in our bedroom.
7. Tidy baby room for big day.
8. *PICK WORSHIP SONGS* for Sunday evening and phone Gordon to let him know.
9. Dishes and laundry.
10. Lanolise wool cover. *IN PROCESS*
11. Pay credit card bill.
12. Clean out car (before getting carseat fitted, preferably)
13. Call landlord to remind him about shed.
14. Learn how to use new video camera.
15. File four months of mail that has piled up on table. (No kidding, they date back to October.)
16. Get groceries.
17. Wash bathroom floor mat.
18. Wash nappies when they arrive.
19. Finish packing hospital bag.
20. Mop kitchen floor... if I can be bothered. (I spilled strawberry juice all over it last night, so really, I should.)

I'm putting this list on my sidebar so I'll be confronted with it often (because, yes, I like to go to my website and just look at it sometimes...)

Oh yeah, and
21. Go to Fiona's house to give her baby gift. If I can be bothered. And
22. Go to my baby shower on Saturday! (And bake angel food cake for baby shower to say thanks!)

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