Wednesday, January 24, 2007

May Experience Tek-nik-el Difficulties

Don't be surprised if you see some funny stuff on here today. I'm changing the website for two reasons: 1) Frames are soooo last century and get on people's nerves and 2) Because I blindly paid for another year with our current webspace provider who doesn't support... uh, something that apparently we need for using better blogging services... so we are stuck with Blogger for the time being, and Blogger has moved to a 'new! advanced! wicked cool!' version which freaking sucks if you try to mess with their prescribed skins WHATSOEVER YOU HORRIBLE PERSON.

So, I've been messing with their prescribed skins for a few days on a 'tester' site, and it all worked out great... until I tried to copy the same code into the real site and found for some reason, Blogger wasn't down wi'dat. So... like I said, funny things may happen here today (or for a few days, who knows!). I apologise.

For the record, Scott told me to leave the blog alone until he was around to help if something goes haywire. I'm kinda... uh... not submitting to my husband. But I mean, really! If I wait til he's around, I'll never get a shot at the computer! He's trying to level up to 70 with his druid!

Ciao for now.

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