Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Holiday Round-Up

It's a bit hard to get motivated to do anything these days, let alone blog, but I suppose it won't kill me to knock out a few lines (not to mention a few dishes). Scott and I are mostly over our illnesses. I'm still rather stuffed up with a highly attractive dying-elephant cough, but at least we're able to function again. Oh, except for the whole I'M TOO PREGNANT TO MOVE thing. Actually, I'm not that big, I'm just that tired. I feel like I've been sleeping for weeks. In fact, between Christmas and New Year, I have without a doubt slept at least three times longer than I've been awake. That is, except for at night when I'm supposed to be sleeping. That's when I get up every hour to either pee, blow my nose, turn over (which takes several steps), get a drink of water or all of the above. I can't remember the last time I was this exhausted. (Oh yes I can, early pregnancy.)

So today the plan is to get some stuff done. The house still looks like Christmas morning, wrapping paper and gifts bags still lying about, gifts still piled up on the table and floors, plus all the glasses and tea mugs scattered about which lend evidence to the fact that we have indeed lived in this house for a week without cleaning up after ourselves. So I'm gonna do my best to get the house looking respectable again. I imagine I'll also nap a lot. Which is what maternity leave before the baby comes is for, right?

We had a good Christmas, by the way, aside from the flu-like aches and runny noses. Scott got me a CHI hair straightener, which rocks my socks off, and I got him, well, nothing that good. Just some CDs and t-shirts and stuff. The great gift his parents got for us, which we've been very excited about, is a digital video camera for capturing every last gurgle Baby McFarlane makes. I got a total of four new kokeshi and the Felicity Season 4 DVDs. Scott got about a million £s worth of GAME vouchers, on which I hope he intends to spend on a Nintendo Wii.

For New Year, we had absolutely NO plans. This wasn't exactly ideal for me, as this year was kinda gonna be the last free New Year for, like, forever, but no one was planning anything. A few friends were booked to go to a meal and ceilidh in Largs, but tickets were £30 a piece and I couldn't really see any point in spending that kind of money when a) I wouldn't be able to drink and b) I wouldn't be able to ceilidh dance (at least not without permanently damaging something) and c) Scott hates ceilidhs, so we opted out. The weather was atrocious on the night, so we didn't even go down the road to our friends' house who invited us up just to watch TV. Scott and I snuggled up on the couch to watch March of the Penguins and drink tea. That's when we got the call. Our friends had to cancel their ceilidh plans because the coast road was flooded, with waves crashing up over the cars. They'd decided last minute to instead meet up at one of their houses and eat pizza, so they invited us out. Though the weather was miserable, and this was an unfortunate turn of events for them, I have to say I was selfishly delighted to now have Hogmanay plans. So Scott and I put on clothes that didn't resemble pajamas (too much) and trekked out into the storm. It ended up being a really fun night, and I managed not to cause myself too much bodily harm during my spontaneous 'Eye of the Tiger' dance routine.

Other highlights throughout the week include PlayStation2 SingStar at Matthew and Cheryl's, viewing a potential house and the annual steak pie with the family on New Year's Day. Lowlights include the hospital, our unwell gran and my witnessing two kids get run over by a car, the latter two which I'd rather say nothing else about.

It's been an eventful week for someone who slept most the time.

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