Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nesting and Egg Whites

My midwife was here this morning. The baby's head is still not engaged (probably because of the placenta) so that means, for the purposes of this post, that I am not going to be going into labour anytime soon.

Which explains the lack of 'nesting instinct'.

Sure, I got out the broom today and swept the floors, which I don't make a great habit of doing on a regular basis, but that was only because Allison was coming over, and I don't want her to think I'm a complete slob. Which, these days, I am. And I did my daily load of laundry and dishes, which is becoming second nature now (hurray!). But folks, there are no clean baseboards or cubbards in this house.

However, I'm baking an angel food cake right now. Why? For what event? No reason, no event. I just wanted to see if I could make an angel food cake. You know, from scratch. I'm a bit dubious; I don't think this one is going to turn out so well, as I sort of messed up at one point. And all ya'll Martha Stewarts out there know how fickle egg whites are - they are not to be messed with. So we'll see if this cake turns out or, well, in.

So I'm now wondering - could the nesting instinct take its place in the kitchen? Do some women go on baking crazes before the baby's born instead of cleaning ones? I kinda hope not, at least not for me. Because seriously, the house could use a crazy hormonal spring clean.

The cake turned out pretty good! I might've left it to bake a little too long, so next time I'll chop off about 5 minutes or so (I had to cut off some burnt edges). But the consistency is perfect - and it tastes good too!

Angel Food Cake

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