Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm Uninspiring, But Totallly Inspired

...inspired by these following links. Sorry, I've got nothing to say of my own accord. So enjoy the linkity-linkses.

Banned in Boston- is a really, really good article talking about the Catholic Charities of Boston thing. It really talks about the 'bigger picture', and I highly recommend it. It goes deeply into the whole 'culture war' or whatever going on between orientation discrimination and religious liberty. From what I gather (unless I'm missing something) it's a pretty good, unbiased approach. Found it via GetReligion which is one of my favourite new websites.

Joy Unexpected- is one of my new favourite blogs. I check it every day. Particularly I enjoyed this, this and this. She's so incredibly... just... funny! And real.

Amalah- is also another of my favourite blogs. She is now writing for ClubMom which is just freaking addictive once you get into it (and I'm not even a mom). I hope she doesn't mind me linking to this, but this post really moved me. I hope you go have a look.

I said I had nothing of my own to say, and that's mostly true (I've got a cold, I'm tired, and I feel fat), but I'll mention this. I bought Pedro the Lion's Achilles Heel a year ago but never listened to it. I was still kinda annoyed by a rather irreverent line from the song "Foregone Conclusions". But I'd heard so many other good things about the album, and I'm a huge Pedro fan otherwise, so I bought it. I finally put it in my car so I'd listen to it, and though that one line does still bother me, I've found the entire album to be really amazing. Here's my favourite part:

I could buy you a drink,
I could tell you all about it,
I could tell you why I doubt it,
and why I still believe it,
why I need it,
and what the pharisees can't see.

I can't say it like I sing it,
I can't sing it like I think it,
I can't think like I feel it,
and I don't feel a thing.

I think I'm glad I've given this album a chance. It's pretty f'ing good.

Beyond all that, I've really got nothing. The Hayses are gone now. I love them so much, and I miss them already. I have tomorrow off work. I had curry for dinner for the third night in a row. Blah blah blah this blog is so boring these days. Help.

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