Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another Unexpected Nice Day

Pink Trees
... except it's cold.

... and my feet are blistered from walking in these stupid heels.

... and I had a stomachache all morning.

... and I have to go get petrol after work instead of go directly home and will have to stand on said blistered feet.

Well, now, now that that's over with! I'm still sans blog fodder, but I am compelled to write anyway. Maybe I'm addicted - addicted to blogging! Mwah ha ha, like anyone has ever heard such a ridiculous thing! Hahahah! -ha ha... ha.... ha.

Ya'll, I am SO bored.

Is there genuinely nothing happening?

Well, no. Not really. I'm making red Thai curry for dinner... We've got a big Sunday School hoo-ha on Saturday... .... ........ ................. .

Yeah, no, that's pretty much it.

REALLY, really, guys, I'm trying. I don't want to lose you! All eleven of you! I just don't really have anything to talk about. But it will come back! The Words Will Return.

Maybe after I go back to America NEXT MONTH (pretending it's already June) to see my brother GET MARRIED and meet DEVON'S BABY which will be born THIS MONTH (pretending it's already June), I'll have something to talk about.

And again, allow me to tempt you with the succulent fruit of What I Am Currently Thinking About - it will be ripe soon!

Meanwhile, ---> Pink trees are pretty.

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