Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So I had an "entry" prepared for you today, the third installment of The Beautiful Weather series, but there were some, uh, difficulties with getting it posted so it'll have to wait. Hopefully we'll get this thang sorted for tomorrow. You won't wanna miss it!

Speaking of, you know it totally sucks buying software. Ok, so I had all these morals about it, about piracy and all that, and I refused to accept pirated software and I insisted on purchasing all the necessary licenses and so forth. I bought the MacromediaSuite (which has now been bought out by Adobe, in case you didn't know) a couple of years ago - paid a pretty penny, too, I might add - and now, a measley, what, two years later? It's so old and crappy that files created in the newest version won't even open in the older version. So, what's a normal person supposed to do? What's a normal girl who just likes to be creative, who doesn't make a dime off her silly little computer hobbies supposed to do? Buy the upgrade?? I mean, you're kidding, right? This whole pirated software thing? Screw it, I can't afford to be moral. All I want to do is show you my newest comic - in animation - is that so wrong?

I'll still buy DVDs and CDs and stuff though, because I can totally afford those. I'm not completely heathen.

Tonight is the Champions League final. Barcelona versus Arsenal. I'm still licking my wounds over the whole Rangers/Villareal situation (those cheating, time-wasting, fouling jerks!), but I'm looking forward to spending the evening in the pub with my man watching football and drinking beer. Since the Scottish Premiership ended, I've found myself feeling incredibly bored without the football to look forward to.

Football - that's soccer to Amanda. Think like a European, woman.

And speaking of soccer, I TOTALLY need to get out and play. Can someone please set up a game at the park, stat?

And also speaking of soccer, the school's football team made it to the final of the Scottish Independent Schools league cup or whatever, and they're playing their final match tonight. Yes, I'm so missing the football that I'm actually REALLY excited for them. I almost went to the game myself, but yeah, no I realise that would've been unbelievably lame. (I'll let you know the turnout.)

And lest you think all I care about are sports and computers, I --! got nothing.

(But Saturday is Jonathan, Sarah and Stella's going away party. I got that. But it makes me sad, and I'm trying not to get emotional about it, but I'm going to, but I'll save it for Saturday, but seriously, I love that family with all my American heart.)

(And I'm going to see Michaela maybe the Friday before that for some Mic and Lo time - that's not actually my nickname, but I really want it to be - and that'll be cool.)

(And I'm getting my haircut tomorrow like Kirsten on The O.C.. I'm so totally cool.)

But really, all I can think about is how annoying it is switching back and forth between a mac and a PC, always trying to click on the wrong corner of all the applications...

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