Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend Round-Up

At David's request, I present you with...

The Catellites!

The Catellites! They are so sad. I love them so much. Does that make me a weird cat lady?

In other news, I woke up eeeearrrlllyyyy Saturday morning to drive into Glasgow to get...

My new tattoo

This! It's a contemporary Arabic calligraphy design that means hope. From Nihad Dukhan's website. It's not the best quality photo, but it is really quality artwork. I got it done at Irezumi in the west end, and while I don't so much like the guy who does the bookings, the actual artist, Steven, is an absolutely amazing tattooist. So for quality tattoos, you'll get them done there, you just may be treated like crap in the process. (So rude, that one guy is.)

Then Saturday night, we had our friends Debbie and Niall over for a barbeque at the house. It was such a good time. We hardly ever see them, so spending the evening just catching up was great. They even brought a pineapple to grill! And did I mention that Scott grills a mean steak? And that Marks & Spencer makes a mean marinade? And I make an awesome macaroni and cheese?

And finally, I didn't make it to the Highland Games this weekend. Why? Because a spare Rangers ticket came available, and I pounced on it! So I got to go to the last game of the season. Against Hearts. And though it didn't matter leaguewise, it felt absolutely freaking BRILLIANT to kick their arrogant Edinburgh butts today.

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