Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blah Blah Blah and Ramble Boring Blah

*The opera was great. Rodolpho and Mimi were excellent. I cried. But not as much as the old lady next to me.

*The long weekend was great. Saturday I went to IKEA and bought another bookshelf and CD tower. All by myself. I think I pulled a stomach muscle trying to get the flat-packs off the shelf and into my car.

*Monday, Scott and I went swimming. We slid down the flumes and floated in the lazy river and swam laps. (Ok, 'lap'. And 'swam' is pushing it, for me.)

*Today, after work, we took a nice drive down to Preswick to pick up Scott's dad from the airport and came back via Largs. The shore was beautiful. The sun was setting. It was heavenly. Or Nevaehly. Hehe.

*Lots of things are going on in my brain right now but nothing much in real life. I hope you will bear with us as our blog goes through this horrible boring phase. Things will get interesting, I promise, if you just hold on. Especially if the things in my brain turn into real life.

*Did you know Michael Jackson is a Jehovah's Witness? Beliefnet is full of interesting stuff!

*Oh, and this Beliefnet quiz called me a "Jerry Falwell Christian" for being orthodox. Jerks!

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