Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Creepy Bored Lori

Creepy Lori

I have nothing to do.

They've taken away my computer.

Sure it's because I am getting a new iMac mini (!) next week, and yes, they've provided me with a laptop in the meantime, but I can still complain, can't I? I mean, I've got no PhotoShop, no Macromedia Suite, none of my pictures (they are backed up though, fyi). I'm b-o-r-e-d. So I've used a Flickr photo that's already been uploaded - one that I created at another time when I was completely bored - to a)post on my blog and b) show how bored I am.


But boring has its advantages. I've spent the whole day getting on the ball. I've been wrestling with my insurance company all day about cancelling my policy (it's outrageous, ya'll) and paying bills and looking for new deals and getting quotes. I feel so organised.

Those who knew me 'before' (the move to Scotland thoroughly split my life into two very complete and distinct halves - the Lori Arnold half and the Lori McFarlane half - two totally incongruous people) will remember me (probably) as organised, neat, anal, manipulative and in charge. Those who know me now would almost certainly NOT label me with those adjectives. I've been the polar opposite of organised, neat, anal, (maybe I'm still manipulative) and in charge.

But ya'll, that's all about to change. I've taken the bull by the horns (a phrase I must've used about eighty times today). I'm taking control. I'm firing Scott - or more like making him redundant - in the bills/utilities/search-for-good-car-insurance department. He was the one who hired me in that department anyway, and upon seeing my utter failure had to replace me, but I'm back, I'm ready, and I'm relieving him of his responsibilities. Not that he's done a rotten job - it was me that was rotten in the first place - but I know now that I have the ability (finally) to do it better.

Or anyway, we'll see about that.

So, Lori Arnold is making a comeback, or perhaps she's just trying to merge into Lori McFarlane to become one whole person, replacing the two imperfect halves. A whole imperfect person, of course, is the plan. I don't intend to reach perfection, which is something Lori Arnold was never able to accept. See? I'm merging already. I'm on the slip road, and ya'll on the motorway better move over and let me in!

(I started driving today, maybe that's obvious?)

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